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It’s impressive to see the diverse global audience of iCrewPlay.com. As of now, here’s a breakdown of our users by country:

– Italy: 2,415,229 (88.17%)
– Norway: 141,585 (5.17%)
– Sweden: 53,896 (1.97%)
– United States: 27,030 (0.99%)
– Switzerland: 14,901 (0.54%)
– Germany: 11,948 (0.44%)
– France: 9,566 (0.35%)
– United Kingdom: 8,194 (0.30%)
– Spain: 5,432 (0.20%)
– Ireland: 3,648 (0.13%)

This data reflects a broad international reach, with the majority of users hailing from Italy, showcasing the widespread appeal of iCrewPlay.com across different countries. We appreciate the global community’s engagement with our platform and look forward to continuing to serve diverse audiences worldwide.

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A selection of brand who has chosen us

Founded in 2017, iCrewPlay has already achieved significant milestones. 
We collaborate with major companies, publishing press releases and reviews for them.
 Additionally, we support small businesses.


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We partecipate at the most important videogames events to establish new partnership and set further growth. 

What makes us different

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 iCrewPlay.com, the renowned Italian website dedicated to news, reviews, and previews in the world of video games, was founded a noteworthy six years ago by Massimo Segante. Since then, the site has made significant strides, becoming a point of reference for all video game enthusiasts in Italy.

Massimo Segante, the creator of iCrewPlay.com, had the ambitious goal of bringing together all individuals passionate about video games, forming a true “crew” of enthusiasts. Massimo’s vision has transformed iCrewPlay not only into an informative website but also into a community that shares the same passion for gaming.

In just six years, we have witnessed substantial growth in our team, a testament to the commitment and dedication we have put into providing high-quality content. Our editorial team continues to publish informative articles daily, actively participating in events to cultivate new partnerships and maintaining a strong and engaging presence on social media.

The success of iCrewPlay.com is reflected not only in quantity but especially in the quality of the news, reviews, and previews we offer. With over 50 news pieces and 80 reviews per month, we strive to uphold the highest journalistic standards to provide our predominantly Italian user base of 2.0 million with accurate and in-depth information.

Looking ahead, we will continue to pursue our mission with passion and dedication, aiming to solidify iCrewPlay.com’s position as an authoritative resource in the Italian video game landscape. Our philosophy remains steadfast: “iCrewPlay.com, first and foremost, passionate!”




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Quantity and quality

Articles published daily

On the web, news is abundant, but we strive to swiftly deliver precise information, complemented by in-depth articles.

Thanks to our dedicated team, we cover a wide range of topics, including anime and manga, films and TV series, art and culture, books, technology, and science. The primary goal of iCrewPlay.com is to provide quality information to our readers, assisting them in navigating through the myriad of news available online.

Our team takes pride in its ability to delve deep into various realms, ensuring that our news is not only timely but also well-informed and thoughtfully presented. We are here to offer our readers an authentic and knowledgeable perspective on a diverse array of subjects, consistently upholding high journalistic standards.

Thank you for being part of our passionate community at iCrewPlay.com, where our mission is to make the most relevant news in our beloved world accessible and understandable.

Experts in our subject areas, we bring together millions of fans by speaking their language.

Videogames, tech, cinema, anime, manga, comics, books, art: pure entertainment.


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Our company is located in
piazza Eugenio Capuzzo n ° 3 Legnaro (PD) Italy